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our world? Multi - Media Project 2008

The our world? Initiative was borne out of the desire of Lincolnshire County Council's Participation Officer to offer children in care (13 - 17) the opportunity to build upon an artistic and cultural platform offered to them over a previous six year period.

Having identified a range of artistic and cultural projects through a process of face to face consultation, Lincolnshire County Council and cultural solutions uk generated bespoke programmes addressing the needs and aspirations of the young people in care whilst at the same time ensuring the programme aligned to Lincolnshire County Council's corporate aims and objectives and the five Every Child Matters outcomes.
our world? Multi - Media Project 2008

What the our world? project aimed to achieve

The project was designed to provide multi-media opportunities and solutions for up to 50 young people in care, care leavers and vulnerable groups on the edge of care, to debate, research and enter into appropriate and creative ways of communicating how and where they live in Lincolnshire, a rural county with significant communication challenges. Young people would explore the boundaries of alternative forms of expression using multi-media in a social care context, where potential limitations exist in its application. In so doing, they were provided a voice within the mainstream, a place frequented by the masses and therefore accessible to the general public.

The three outcomes of the project were:

How the our world? project planned to inspire and develop its ideas

Young people in care are prone to a range of negative and harsh experiences, including poverty, abuse, discrimination, disrupted education and a lack of nurture and care. These factors reduce young people's resilience and self belief and can lead to them adopting coping skills that result in risk taking. The project planned to provide young people inspirational opportunities to 'explore their world' through a menu of activities researched, devised and delivered by themselves.

The original ‘menu of activity’ included visits to media studios such as Aardman Animations and the BBC. It was planned for the young people to work alongside media professionals offering them real learning alternatives and in so doing raise aspirations and credibility beyond the project.


The young people produced the following: